Almond Croissants Recipe

Almond croissants are plain croissants aux amandes. This simple almond croissant recipe uses store-bought croissants, homemade almond pastry cream, and sweet almond syrup. Make these buttery almond-filled croissants for breakfast or brunch instead of a French bakery.  

-1 cup almond flour -2 tablespoons all purpose flour -½ teaspoon salt -½ cup granulated sugar -½ cup unsalted butter -½ teaspoon almond extract -2 eggs -8 day old croissants -¼ cup sliced almonds -¼ cup powdered sugar


Heat oven to 350 F (177 C). Line 1-2 baking pans with parchment.  Make simple syrup. Pour water and sugar into a pot. Simmer the water, sugar, and rum over  

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Medium heat until the sugar dissolves and the alcohol burns. This takes 5–6 minutes. (Stir rum extract together with vanilla). Make croissant almond filling.  

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Mix almond flour, flour, salt, and sugar in a stand mixer bowl with whisk attachment until well blended. Whisk butter, eggs, and almond extract on medium speed for 2–3 minutes until frothy. 

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Cut day-old croissants in half lengthwise. Brush the cooled syrup inside each croissant. Spread 2 teaspoons of almond paste on the croissant bottoms. Cover the almond filling with croissant tops.  

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Add syrup to the assembled croissants' tops. Spread one tablespoon of almond filling on each croissant and top with almond slices.  

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Bake french bakery almond croissants for 15–18 minutes until the almond filling is firm and golden brown. Cool almond-filled croissants on the baking pan for 3–4 minutes.   

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