Chai Snickerdoodle Skillet Cookie

Traditional snickerdoodle flavors with spicy chai. This precisely spiced and extremely chewy snickerdoodle is baked in a small skillet, making the edges crispy and the center slightly underbaked. 

-2 ⅓ c  all purpose flour -2 tsp cornstarch -2 tsp baking powder -½ tsp salt -1 c unsalted butter -1 ¼ c light brown sugar -¼ c granulated sugar -1 large egg -1 large egg yolk -1 tsp vanilla extract


Chai spice and sugar in a broad, shallow bowl. Mix room-temperature butter in a stand mixer with paddle or electric hand mixer with beaters for 1 minute.

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Add sugars and beat on medium for 2-3 minutes until foamy. Add egg and yolk one by one. Beat each egg for 20 seconds before adding another. Adding vanilla extract. Mix until smooth.

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Mix dry ingredients into wet mixture by hand, ½ at a time. Mix the dough well without overmixing. Remove chilled dough from fridge. Equally divide the dough into 2  or 4 balls.

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Roll balls in chai sugar till coated. Place one sugar-coated ball in the center of each 6" skillet (or 4 smaller balls in the 10"). It will spread without pressing the dough into the pan!

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Bake the skillets in the center of a 350F oven for 25–30 minutes. The cookie is done when the dough fills the skillet, the edges are golden brown, and top has many cracks.

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