Delicious Red Velvet Brownies Recipe

Gooey Red Velvet Brownies. Brownies with white chocolate drizzle. Serving it to loved ones on Valentine's Day or other occasions is great. The tastiest red velvet brownies are homemade.  

– 250 g granulated sugar – 3 large eggs room temperature – 75 g dark chocolate chip – 110 g oil canola or vegetable – 2 teaspoon red paste food coloring – 1 teaspoon white vinegar – 1 ½ teaspoon vanilla extract – 95 g all-purpose flour – 15 g cocoa powder – 1 tablespoon cornstarch – ½ teaspoon salt – 50 g white chocolate melted


Start by preheating the oven to 160ºC/325ºF. Line 20x20 cm pan with parchment paper. While making other ingredients, melt and chill dark chocolate.  

Step 1


Sift all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, cornstarch, and salt (in basin). A large bowl of eggs and granulated sugar should be bright and frothy after 2 minutes of electric hand mixing.  

Step 2

Add melted chocolate, vegetable oil, white vinegar, red paste food coloring, and vanilla to the batter. Stir dry ingredients into batter on medium speed. To mix everything, scrape the basin sides with a spatula.  

Step 3

Spread brownie batter in the pan using a spatula. Bake the brownie for 40–45 minutes in the preheated oven.  

Step 4

Cool baked products on a rack. Slide the brownie off the pan onto a serving dish after cooling. White chocolate pour on brownie after melting. After chocolate sets, serve. 

Step 5

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