Fall Vegetable Garden Cleanup Checklist 

Preparing your fall vegetable garden for next season requires cleaning. This extensive checklist will help you through the procedure.  

Rest of the Harvest  

Gather any remaining produce before it spoils. Discard spoiled produce.  

Remove Dead Plants  

Remove dying or non-producing plants. This contains annual flowers and veggies.  

Healthy Plant Debris Compost  

Build your compost with healthy plant detritus. This adds nutrients to compost for next year's plants.  

Get rid of diseased plants  

Diseased plants should not be composted since pathogens may infect future year's harvests. Diseased plants should be trashed or burned if allowed.  

Reduce Perennials

Trim perennials to ground level or as indicated by species. This prevents infections and promotes spring growth.  

Remove Weeds  

Remove garden bed weeds. Be meticulous to avoid reseeding and difficulties next year.  


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