Vegetable Garden Tools to Add to Your Shed This Year 

Having more vegetable garden tools can improve your gardening experience. These six shed tools may be worth adding this year.  

Hand Trowel  

Ideal for transplanting seedlings, planting small plants, and weeding confined spots.

Hori Knife  

Digging, chopping, and weeding, this Japanese tool is versatile. Bulb planting and perennial division are possible with it.  

Shears pruning

Required for trimming, shaping, removing dead or diseased foliage, and gathering herbs and vegetables.  

Garden Fork  

Ideal for turning, aerating, breaking up clumps, and adding compost or other nutrients.


Dibbles or dibbers help make uniformly spaced holes for seeds or small transplants. It maintains seed depth and spacing.  

Soil pH meter  

Plant growth requires soil pH monitoring. A pH tester helps you discover if your soil is acidic, neutral, or alkaline to adjust for vegetable demands.  


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